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Fedmak Overview


Fedmak has now been added to our website because we know for a fact how much our visitors enjoy playing action-adventure games with fighting set in fantasy worlds, with this one clearly being inspired by the Witcher, only if you just take a quick look at the main character, and since we've enjoyed this game plenty, we are now sharing it with you all!

Embark on a new adventure with Fedmak online!

Use WASD to move, J to attack, K to drink potions, F to set up stores, skip dialogues by pressing the spacebar, and fully restart with the R key. Our hero would have been returning to the place where he trained as a warrior, but a portal brought him to a new land and a new adventure for him to have.

Along the way you will join, having to beat up monsters, some being creatures, some being humans that are really evil, grab new weapons and use them to your advantage, and get the potions as well, since they are going to give you a much-needed boost of strength.

Now that you have surely understood the premise, you should be ready to start the fun, after which we hope to see you around for even more of it to come, only here!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, J, K, F, R keys and the spacebar.

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