Frontline Defense First Assault

Frontline Defense First Assault

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Frontline Defense First Assault
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Frontline Defense First Assault Overview


Frontline Defense First Assault is yet another fantastic tower defense game online that we are sharing with you on our website today, since we have promised many more games in this genre, and this is a promise we are now making sure to respect, with this being a military-themed one, so you should now have an extra reason for trying it out right now!

Put up the best Frontline Defense and stop the First Assault!

First, you will see the map of missions, and you have to complete them all to win the war, each one being more difficult than the previous one, and the same goes for the waves that will attack you in each round, as they get stronger, meaning that you have to upgrade with new units and level them up.

Use the mouse to place the soldiers and the towers along the roads, so that they attack and stop the oncoming waves of attackers because if they cross to the other side, you lose. Between waves you earn money, and you should use it for new units, and for upgrading the ones you already have.

Defeat all the waves, and get lots of points, and money, so that you can complete your whole campaign. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around since more amazing games we promise are yet to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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