Braveland Heroes

Braveland Heroes

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Braveland Heroes
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Braveland Heroes Overview


Braveland Heroes is the best new strategy, war, and fighting game online where you have to think before you attack, if you wish to become a victor in the wars you take part and become one of the most important heroes of this fantasy world, something we invite you to take on right now, after we first explain how to do it, so you can give the game your best from the get-go!

Become Braveland Heroes online and win the wars!

If you're only playing offline, against bots, make sure to always upgrade your hero's gear and make them stronger for up-and-coming fights, but if you are playing online with other players from across the world, you can join teams and guilds, and do a team effort to win your fights and your challenges.

Start off with a hero, but gather an army around him, so that no matter what kinds of big enemies you have to take on, you still end up winning. The fights are turn-based, meaning you and the opponent take turns in attacking, defending, or making strategic movements, and the first one to defeat the other one's army becomes the winner.

After doing the tutorial, where you learn how to move on the map and attack, choose which hero you want to become:

  • Warrior of the Ice Kingdom
  • Ice Mage
  • Pirate Captain

Of course, we wish you all the good luck and the best time possible, and truly hope to see you around some more, since we always have awesome new games in store for everyone, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Tortuga Team

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