2048 Lines

2048 Lines

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2048 Lines
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2048 Lines Overview


2048 Lines is going to be a terrific new puzzle game online with logic, numbers, and lines, as the title suggests, and it also represents one of the freshest takes on 2048 games online that we've had here in a while, so you should feel confident to try it out, even more after we teach you how to play it in the following part of this article!

Let's match the 2048 Lines!

There are five lines, and on them, you will see blocks with numbers on them falling down, and from the bottom you get to shoot blocks with numbers on any of the lines, just click/tap on the one you want.

Make it so that you merge together two blocks of the same number, such as two fours, which together will make an eight, and through this method, try reaching 2048.

You also do it to keep the blocks that descend from hitting the bottom of the screen, because if they get too big in numbers and fall at the bottom, you lose. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around, since we're at the end of the day, but still more amazing games are yet to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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