King Hagi Wagi and Cloud Kingdom

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What is King Hagi Wagi and Cloud Kingdom?

King Hagi Wagi and Cloud Kingdom

King Hagi Wagi and Cloud Kingdom is going to be an adventure hypercasual game with Poppy Playtime characters, mainly the title one, of course, who has now become the king of Cloud Kingdom, which he needs to protect through a total of 40 levels, and of the many bosses that will try to attack it. Let's teach you how, so you can start having fun at once!

Have fun with King Hagi Wagi and Cloud Kingdom!

Use WASD, the mouse, or the touch controls to move the blue toy, having to go around each map and collect all the coins, making sure not to fall off from the clouds, and avoiding the enemies, traps, and dangers in front of you, since getting knocked down means losing and having to start again from scratch.

Collect the four crowns spread around the game to restore balance to your world. There are new things to discover in this world all the time, so we invite you to start doing it at once, after which we have prepared for you even more great daily games, all worth checking out!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys/mouse.

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