Case: Smile Origin

Case: Smile Origin

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Case: Smile Origin
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Case: Smile Origin Overview


Case: Smile Origin has now been added in the middle of the night for you all fans of horror games online who are brave enough to play them at such times, but the game remains on our website through daylight as well, so whenever you think you have the confidence to try it, then we invite you to do, since we always bring you the most rocking horror adventure games with RPG and interactive elements, just like it will be the case right now!

Can you solve the horror case entitled: Smile Origin?

Smile is the overarching villain of the Case: Smile Games series of horror games, and you now turn back in time, in many ways, so that you uncover how this nefarious villain came to exist, which will only reveal even more scary things, past which we hope you get over, and you survive the terrors of.

Use WASD to move, space for jumping, run with the L-shift button, left click to interact with objects, right click to drop them, and P to pause if you are too scared, or want to think about your next move.

Explore the scary rooms, find the clues that will lead to uncovering the criminal's identity, and make sure not to get killed by his traps, or by the monsters themselves, which you can run from, defeat, if you have the tools, or hide. Either way, make sure to get it through the night! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, and P.

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