Crazy Laundry

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What is Crazy Laundry?

Crazy Laundry

Crazy Laundry is a new hyper casual game online that we are quite positive you will love, since we know that doing laundry in real life is not a favorite chore for many of you, but online it can take on a whole new dimension and vibe, and we're sure you will love it right now, just like it had been the case for our own time with it!

Let's do the Crazy Laundry online!

Many things will be presented for you to do, so that things do not get stale, such as arranging the lotions and detergents you use for washing, filling up the machine with them, cleaning the bathtub, repairing any issues, and anything else that you get to do, as each new level presents you with a new task, as we've mentioned.

Find out all the fun stuff that you are going to do, and we're sure that you will complete each task in part, one after another, while having tons of fun as only here is possible, and need not worry, since you get the instructions directly on the screen. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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