Impossible Date

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What is Impossible Date?

Impossible Date

Impossible Date is a new puzzle & logic game online with a simple premise that we hope you all try out on our website since games with this kind of format have never failed to impress our audience, and we are sure the same is going to be true right now as well, hence why we fully recommend the game!

Make the Impossible Date happen!

Start off by choosing an avatar, and then help the guy with his dates, as you spin the wheel to see what kind of role you take, such as musician, maybe you will hide in a toilet, become a mechanic, make cakes, and more.

In each level, depending on what you land on, there is a task you have to do and accomplish to get the girl to impress and make the date a success, so aim towards that by interacting with the objects around you and seeing what happens.

As in real-life love, it's about work and luck all at the same time, just like with this game, which we hope to see you play right now because this is far from the final new and awesome game of the day!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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