Impossible Box Rush

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Impossible Box Rush
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What is Impossible Box Rush?

Impossible Box Rush

Impossible Box Rush is about to be one of the top new hypercasual puzzle games you get to play today on our website, a game that is very interactive and filled with action pieces, where thinking and acting should go hand-in-hand if you are to succeed, as you've got a total of thirty levels, each one more difficult than the one before it!

Can you complete the Impossible Box Rush?

In each level you control a box that you can push using the arrow keys, having to get it to the end of the course in one piece, meaning that you have to avoid the countless traps set before you since bumping into them means losing that level.

If you want to get 3/3 stars per level, you need to grab them, so make sure that you collect them from the course before you reach its end, simple as that.

We wish you the very best, as with any of our games, and we clearly invite you to stick around for more fun to come, since the day has just begun, and more amazing games are to follow!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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