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Genokids Overview


Genokids is a demo currently in development that our team is delighted to be able to have the chance of sharing with you all here free of charge, as we've found it one of the best new indie video games on the internet in recent times, an action-adventure game with fighting and RPG elements, all in 3D, with a style reminiscent of anime and games from Japan.

Start the adventures of the Genokids online!

The Genokids are a band with superpowers and musical instruments that double down as weapons, who find themselves in a deadly world where violence is always the answer, as you need to help them navigate the world as they fight all of the monsters and enemies they encounter.

Use WASD for movement, press the spacebar to jump, and use the left and right mouse buttons to perform attacks on the enemies when encountered. Raise your XP levels so that you become stronger, and make sure not to let yourself get beaten by the foes, and if you are, start again and try harder.

Four characters are available for you to play with, each with their own powers and techniques, to make the game always feel fresh and fun. Start it right now, and stick around to see what other great content we've prepared for you all!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.

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Support the developers on their website, and on Steam.

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