Croaky’s House

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What is Croaky’s House?

Croaky’s House

Croaky’s House is the latest virtual haunted place we want to invite you all in, as we're talking about one of the coolest new horror survival games in 3D from our website, where a frog is your main antagonist, but not the small cute ones, but a monster one, so we hope that you manage to survive its enclosure!

Can you survive the horrors of Croaky’s House online?

Use WASD to move, E to interact with objects, and the mouse to look around. Go through the house, which is more like a swamp, with water and mud everywhere, and give your best to finding the five keys, since only then can you escape out of this hell with your life.

Croacky will be lurking in all sorts of rooms, looking for you, and if he gets too near, he will beat you up with a hammer. If it does it three times and you lose your three lives, you also lose the game.

Start now, as the rules are that simple, and so is the gameplay, and make sure to stick around, since we've always got more awesome games in store for everyone, as you can see right now!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, and E key.

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Author: dazeware

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