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Adventure Cool

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Adventure Cool
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Adventure Cool Overview


Adventure Cool is a simple and straight-forward action-adventure game online with platforms, running, and jumping, all of their elements that mash together really well, resulting in some of the best times you could be having on our website, hence why we now fully recommend this game to you, and we hope you will give it a chance! Don't worry, we will explain it now so that you can give your best!

Let's play a new cool adventure game online!

Use the right and left arrows for moving, and press the spacebar to jump, or you can use WASD, but that is the set of controls we recommend using on computers for the best and easiest experience!

Run and jump from one platform to another, making sure not to hit traps such as seesaws, fall into the water down below, or get defeated by other kinds of dangers along the way, which only increase in number and frequency.

Instead, reach as far as possible through the courses, as you give your best in collecting golden rings along the way since they represent your score, and we're sure you want a big one, no?

Let's start, and don't stop until you have got the most you wanted out of this amazing new game we recommend you all, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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