Fluffy Cubes

Fluffy Cubes

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Fluffy Cubes
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Fluffy Cubes Overview


Fluffy Cubes is a new kind of puzzle game with matching, merging, numbers, and 3D elements all into one, resulting in one of the most unique experiences you get to have today on our website, something we clearly desire for you all, since we want to make sure you always get unique gaming experiences here, unlike anywhere else, of course!

Match and merge the Fluffy Cubes!

The fluffy cubes have various numbers on them and are disposed in various shapes, which you need to unlock to finish each level, doing so only by bringing them all down to level one, and then zero.

The higher the numbers on the cubes, the taller they are. Use the mouse to click on them to make them drop levels, and when you get multiple of the same kind to be in one number, the more the merrier, and the faster you finish the level, as they level down.

Got it? You will figure it out instantly as you start playing the game, so feel confident to do it right now, only here, and don't stop for a second, since our team has even more awesome games prepared for you all day long, and we hope you check them out just as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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