Fairy Falls

20.06.2023 419 3 votes

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What is Fairy Falls?

Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls is going to be one of the best new skill games and reaction time games online that we're bringing you here today free of charge, a game we highly recommend after having had incredible times of fun with it ourselves, so sharing it with you right now was an absolute must, just like you must absolutely play it!

Improve your skills with Fairy Falls online!

Your character will be running up the wall, and you need to click or tap on the screen to jump from one side to another, from one wall to the other one, and keep at it making sure not to hit into rocks, shields, and the evil fairies that are attacking you at random times, because if you hit them, you obviously lose.

Try to climb as far as possible, and hang on for a long time, grabbing the clocks for more time, and the potions for more lives. It's that simple, and we hope that with each new run that you play, you do better than before, as the fun will also increase in levels as you also do. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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