Summertime Dino Run

05.07.2023 850 10 votes

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What is Summertime Dino Run?

Summertime Dino Run

A Summertime Dino Run has appeared precisely for this awesome season that everyone was waiting for, with the dinosaurs as well, and this only means that you can now jump around with them at the beach, with sunglasses and the sun up, unlike the dusty desert from previous games.

Let's start the Summertime Dino Run online!

As the dinosaur runs forward, avoid pits of water, chairs, animals, roadblocks, umbrellas, and other things that are the beach, because if you hit into them, you lose, but the further you get, the bigger your score becomes, and we're sure that all of you are hoping for a big score, no?

It's that simple and fun, so be confident to start right now, only here, and maybe tell your friends to come around, since we have many great games for you here prepared already!

How to play?

Use the spacebar.

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