Clash Of Hive

Clash Of Hive

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Clash Of Hive
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Clash Of Hive Overview


Clash Of Hive is a new hypercasual merge and puzzle game online with puzzle elements that we hope to share with everyone here right now, knowing just how much fun it could be had with it, which is the main reason for sharing it with you as well, and in this following part of the article we also have the chance to teach you what and how to do it!

Let's win the Clash Of Hive online!

With the mouse you move bees from one hive to another, doing so to move the bees when you have a bigger number than the hive next to them, so that you overtake it and conquer it, and through this method take over all the hives on the screen to complete the stage.

When there are multiple types of hives, in different colors, focus on one to take over the others, because bigger numbers are always going to win. Each new level becomes more difficult than the last, but also more fun, we promise, so start right now, and see how far you can get!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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