Pixel Boxing: Stickman Clash 3D

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What is Pixel Boxing: Stickman Clash 3D?

Pixel Boxing: Stickman Clash 3D

Pixel Boxing: Stickman Clash 3D is going to be one of the top new hypercasual games 3d on our website for the day, and certainly not the last one either, it is a game where you run, you box, you fight, and have fun clashing with other stickmen in a way you don't get to do every day, made even better by the fact that it is a pixel game!

Win the Stickman Clash 3D by doing Pixel Boxing online!

With the WASD keys, you move your pixelated fighter in the arenas, and you tap left and right with the mouse to extend your punches and attack the stickmen or the creatures you have to defeat, using the various obstacles in between the two of you to protect yourselves from the attacks that come towards you.

As you progress, each new opponent becomes more complex than the last one, but even if you die, you can use the coins you've earned as a reward to upgrade your fighter and become stronger. It's that simple and fun, so starting right now should be a definitive move, after which we will have prepared even more great games!

How to play?

Use the mouse and WASD keys.

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