Running Bros

Running Bros

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Running Bros
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Running Bros Overview


Running Bros is the latest platform-adventure game online inspired by the likes of Mario Games you get the chance to play on our website, and you can trust us that even if it is a fan-made game, you are surely going to enjoy it plenty, just like we did, and we will now explain the format, in case you're a newcomer!

Start the adventures of the Running Bros online!

As the character runs forward, use the up arrow to jump, and the down one to jump down, doing so from a higher spot, so that you break blocks and other obstacles. Make sure to avoid the deadly traps along the way, grab power-ups that make you bigger, give you extra lives, or make you faster, and try collecting as many coins as you can too.

It's as simple as that, which is why the game is as awesome as it is, and we hope you are not stopping here, since we've got much more planned for you all, as you should expect!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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