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What is SLING & SHOOT!?


SLING & SHOOT!, as the title aptly suggests, is one of the newest slingshot games online from our website, a type of game you can always count on, and which has been around for a while, but this one is brand new, fresh, and really interesting, a great time to be had, about which we will now tell you more!

Let's SLING & SHOOT online!

You will have a slingshot on top of a hill, and with the mouse you aim and shoot rocks from it, having to hit the targets in the sky. The first one is static, but they then start moving around in various shapes, and at different speeds, so make sure that you hit them always, and focus before you start shooting.

Know that once you've missed, you stop then and there, and have to start again from scratch. Of course, you can buy new slingshots and new projectiles between the levels, using the coins you've earned, so always aim for as many of them as possible! Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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