Shoot Robby for Robux!

Shoot Robby for Robux!

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Shoot Robby for Robux!
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Shoot Robby for Robux! Overview


Shoot Robby for Robux is a really simple puzzle-shooting game online we now invite you to play in the Roblox Games category, and it is precisely because it belongs to it that it is a must-play, since it is going to be a new and fresh experience unlike you get to find and play just every day. Don't worry, we've got experience shooting, so we will now teach you how to do it!

Let's Shoot Robby for Robux!

Robux needs to shoot up all the Robbys in a level, which will be placed around in a maze-like world with platforms, blocks as obstacles, and all sorts of other roadblocks. Aim the gun with the mouse or touch controls, and know that bullets bounce off walls, so try aiming at them to ricochet and hit your targets.

Unlike any of the other shooter games in this genre, your number of bullets is not limited, but the fewer you take to achieve your goal, the better. Another trick you can use to shoot up more Robbys is by exploding them, so aim at the TNT blocks to make them explode and cause a lot of damage with their blast.

Each new level will feature more targets, and a more complicated layout of the map, but that makes things more fun as well, so start right now, so you have all the time in the world to clear all the levels!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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