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What is Roboduo?


Roboduo is our latest pixel adventure and platform game online, one we think is going to be a great time to be had for you all, knowing so from our own experience with it, about which we will tell you more right now and here, worry not!

Start the adventures of Roboduo online!

Use WASD or the ARROWS to move the characters, swapping between them with C, as each has different abilities, like one can jump really high, and while the other can't, he can push blocks around.

Use their skills to reach the portal door at the end of each level to pass it, while being careful not to fall into traps, dangers, obstacles, or off from the platforms.

Creatures and enemies also appear. Use R to restart a level in case you're not doing good and you want to give it a fresh go. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around for more fun to come!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROWS, C, R keys.

Video Game Preview

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