Save the Baby. Home Rush

Save the Baby. Home Rush

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Save the Baby. Home Rush
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Save the Baby. Home Rush Overview


Save the Baby. Home Rush represents yet another awesome and fresh new puzzle game with logic, drawing, and rescue elements all into one, which is a combo you can never go wrong with here, and to make sure of that we will now explain what it is to be done in the game, so you can start playing it right away!

Save the Baby in the Home Rush online presented here to you!

In each level there can be a mommy, a daddy, or both at the same time, each having to get to their baby and bring them back to their house, and they are each color-coded differently, so that you don't mix up the babies and the houses, and you will draw lines in their same color from each of them.

Draw the lines that make up the path at which you need to save the baby and rush them home, but make sure to avoid dangers, pits, obstacles, and other traps, while also avoiding mixing up the two lines, or however many there are, because that leads to losing the level as well.

Each new stage is more difficult than the last, but more fun all at the same time, without a doubt!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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