Jumper Frog

Jumper Frog

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Jumper Frog
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Jumper Frog Overview


Jumper Frog is a cross-the-road game with a frog, where you don't only cross it, but you jump and hop through it, it comes in various mediums, making it not an easy feat for the amphibian at all, but we are sure that with your help it has more chances, and we will now first help you on teaching you how the game works!

Become the most skilled Jumper Frog online!

Use the arrow keys or tap on the arrow buttons to hop in any of the four directions, as you need to avoid cars when you are crossing the road, or use turtles or logs to pass across the river, in which, if you fall, it will cause you to lose.

The more you advance using this method, the more points you get, and get some extra ones by swallowing the flies you encounter, since they are a frog's favorite food.

Five lives you have in total, before losing them all causes you to lose the game. Let's begin right now, and make sure you tell your friends to come over for our awesome daily games as well!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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