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Tankisty Overview


Tankisty is not only one of the newest tank shooting games from our website, but also a 2-player game we highly recommend, as you get to have tank battles online with other real players using the same device, and about all of this we will now explain here and now, making sure you're having a good and easy time!

Play Tankisty Online, a tank shooting game in 2 players!

Whether you are playing solo or in 2, the two tanks take turns moving and shooting one another, using the touch control to move left and right, to fire your cannon, but also to aim it in the direction of your opponent. Take them down by depleting their health bar first before they can do it to you to win.

As you win battles, acquire more tanks and lots of more ammo and power-ups from the shop, so that no matter how powerful the enemies get, you can still take them out and win! Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, since more great games are still going to appear here today for you all, as we always guarantee!

How to play?

Use the touch controls.

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