Giant Attack

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Giant Attack
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What is Giant Attack?

Giant Attack

Giant Attack is the latest hypercasual 3D action game online from our website, a game with a format unlike you've seen here before for sure, which is why we are delighted at the chance of sharing it with you right now, knowing just how much of a good time we've had with it, about which we will explain right now!

Let's do the best Giant Attack online!

Use the mouse or touch controls to move your giant about the map, where you have to merge your stickman with other ones to level up, and through this method be able to pick up trees, rocks, and other items and throw them at the giant, until their health bar is completely depleted.

The giant will also follow you and attack back, so make sure to survive all the attacks, if you don't want to lose. The levels get more difficult, but more fun as you go through them, and we're sure that no matter how big the giants, you will be able to defeat them all the time!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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