Headless Zombie Chicken

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Headless Zombie Chicken
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What is Headless Zombie Chicken?

Headless Zombie Chicken

Headless Zombie Chicken is a new skill and reaction time with high-quality graphics, and a really easy to understand gameplay which is adapted for both computer browsers and mobile devices like phones and tablets, one inspired by games such as Handless Millionaire, only here it is not at all about money, but BRAINS!

Test your skills at Headless Zombie Chicken online!

Chicken are not known for their intelligence, which makes sense why in this game you control one that is a zombie and wants to eat brains, even at the risk of getting its head chopped off with an axe by a human, which is what you must avoid in the pursuit of the tasty grey matter.

Click or tap to start, and then move your chicken over the wood block and to the brain, eat from it, and then retreat before you can get your head cut off by the axe, which comes down at random times and speeds, so try figuring out, and the more times you succeed, the more points you are going to gain.

It's that straightforward, so feel free to begin now, after which even more great games will follow, as we make sure of it on the daily!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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