Balanced Running

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Balanced Running
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What is Balanced Running?

Balanced Running

Balanced Running is here to show you once more why running games and 2 player games are always among the favorites people play and enjoy on our website, just like this one, which has both elements in it, so we could not have missed this chance to offer it to you on a platter right now, just like we will give you the necessary details to play it well and give it your best!

Try doing Balanced Running in this new two-player game!

Choose between playing 1P or 2P in the main menu, and if you choose the latter, one player uses W to run, and the other one uses the Up arrow. Now, you need to know that tapping them slightly means taking a short step and holding on to them means taking a longer step.

You need to take the right steps not to fall down and crash head-front, because that means losing and getting back from the start or the last checkpoint, with the first player that reaches the end of the course winning. In this race, there will be obstacles, pits, and traps along the way, so make sure you are avoiding them by carefully stepping over them!

There are lots of blocky avatars to pick from as well, which have a monster theme since it's Halloween, so there are plenty of reasons for you to start right now, which we hope to see you do!

How to play?

Use the W key and the Up arrow.

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