Shadow of the Orient

Shadow of the Orient

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Shadow of the Orient
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Shadow of the Orient Overview


Shadow of the Orient is a new action-adventure game with platform and fighting elements all into one, a retro-pixelated game in the vein of 8Bit games of the past, with this being a modern game meant to resemble past classics such as Prince of Persia, and we're sure that after we give you all the deets about it here, you will be able to give it your best!

Become the Shadow of the Orient and defeat all the evils in it!

You will move your hero with the WASD keys, jump by pressing the spacebar, enter key to attack, shift key to dash (run faster), and C to push levers.

Go along the courses, avoiding the pits, traps, and dangers, and encounter assassins, soldiers, archers, swordsmen, and other foes, which you have to defeat in battle to advance because if they deplete you of your health bar, you lose the game.

Pick up new weapons if you find them, collect gold coins, and smash vases to get diamonds from them. There are also magic items to be gained and used in battle.

These are the basics of the story mode, but you also have a challenge mode available, where you're fighting endlessly against one enemy after another, which we also recommend! Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, enter, shift, and C.

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Author: Spacelab Games

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