I am Animatronic

I am Animatronic

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I am Animatronic
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I am Animatronic Overview


I am Animatronic is a hide-and-seek action hypercasual game in 3D added right now by our team into the beloved category of FNAF Games online, on which you can always rely to bring you some of the best times possible when it comes to scary games, but this time you are the scary one, as you become this kind of living doll!

Be scary and have fun with I am Animatronic from FNAF here!

With the mouse or touch controls you tap where you want Freddy, Boonie, Chica, or another character you can become here, to go, and do so to collect all the skulls in a level, and then find the security guard that is walking around and attack them from behind to finish the stages.

The guards are walking around with a flashlight, and you need to be careful not to get caught in their light because you lose that stage and have to restart it. Instead, find a way around them, get around any kinds of obstacles and traps that will also be present in stages further down, and try a level however many times it takes you to finish it.

We wish you good luck and the best, and hope that you are sticking around for the many other presents we will offer you here today for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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