Mad Race! Fury Road

Mad Race! Fury Road

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Mad Race! Fury Road
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Mad Race! Fury Road Overview


'Mad Race! Fury Road', despite its title, is more of a shooting game than it is a driving or racing game, but it has that element, motorcycles, a 3D hypercasual world, and one awesome track and level after another to test your timing and overall skills, in a high-octane experience for boys we totally recommend right now, and about which we will give you more details right away!

Start the Mad Race on the Fury Road online!

As the biker races on the roads, you will meet enemy criminals along the way, and when the red target line gets in line with them, that is when you need to click or tap to shoot at them and use this method to defeat all the foes until the end of the race to win the level.

If you miss, they will shoot back, and trust us they won't miss, which means losing the level and having to start it again from scratch. Get money in return for all the finished races and defeated enemies, and use them to buy new bikes, better weapons, and improve your avatar's statistics.

Try to see if you can win all the races, and shoot all the criminals, and we're sure that you will have some of the best experiences online from our website, no doubt about it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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