Toss the Turtle

Toss the Turtle

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Toss the Turtle
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Toss the Turtle Overview


Toss the Turtle is the latest cannon shooting game online with flying and skill elements all into one, a type of game that has remained a classic over the years, which is why we are happy to share it with you, and despite this game being from the flash era, it still is quite fresh and looks amazing. We will now teach it to you in case you're new to the format, so you can begin having all the fun possible!

Let's Toss the Turtle online, far and high!

Move the cannon using the mouse, holding the left mouse button to determine the power, so the more you hold it, the bigger it is, and then release it to make your shot, as you send the turtle flying in the air. Control it while in-air using the WASD keys. Look at things that you could land on, but some give you an extra boost, and others slow you down. Hit the first, avoid the second.

You can also shoot at the turtle with the mouse for an extra bump, or use items that you can buy from the shop with your coins, like jetpacks, or bombs. Each time you are tossing the turtle, make upgrades, and become more skilled to be able to toss it bigger and bigger distances, and have more fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse, WASD keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • The more you hold the left mouse button, the more power you use when you shoot the cannon.
  • Use boosters that you buy or find to fly further and get a better performance.
  • Avoid dangers that can slow you down.

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