House Flip

House Flip

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House Flip
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House Flip Overview


To do a House Flip is not an easy feat, we promise you, but until you become a real-life realtor, why don't you experiment with doing it online with this kind of game, a great new simulator online we totally recommend which we find really fun for everyone, as it had been for us, so let us give you more details on it, so you can start having fun with it right away!

Let's flip the house!

Buy the houses, then put money in to fix them, so you can sell them, which is called flipping a house. The houses are sold at an open house, where potential buyers will come to watch it, so make sure to put on a great presentation.

Before that, work on inspecting the place to find the problems, clean up the dirty places, fix everything that is broken, and make upgrades where you think that doing so will result in a bigger sale price for you to earn.

Try buying houses at cheap prices, invest money but not too much, and make more money than you've put in, which is how all businesses are supposed to work.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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