You Super Hero

You Super Hero

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You Super Hero
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You Super Hero Overview


Your Super Hero is going to be yourselves, actually, as this is a superhero simulator game online in 3D, a game with a hypercasual format, high production values, and a world filled with fun and locations to explore, hero designs to make, and villains to defeat, all about which we're going to tell you more right now, worry not!

Be Your own Super Hero online!

Use WASD to move, F to use objects, such as the hook that can get you across the sky very fast in new places, and use the left mouse button for attacking. With the spacebar you jump, and with the shift key you run while you are holding it. Use Tab to browse the inventory!

The goal is to go around this crime-infested city, and when you see people hijacking cars or motorcycles, robberies of shops, banks, and other establishments, or people being mugged or attacked, intervene!

The more people you save, and problems you solve, the more you can evolve as a superhero, and you can change your own designs and suit, and you can add new powers and tools/weapons to your inventory for more saving missions to be completed down the road!

Do not die by fighting with villains and getting defeated, or you have to start again from scratch. We wish your new superhero life online to be a successful one, in the name of good!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, F, the mouse, Tab.

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