Police Man

Police Man

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Police Man
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Police Man Overview


Become a Police Man online in what is set out to be one of the best new police simulator games online in 3D, an open-world game similar to the fan-made GTA games you usually play here on our website, but today you go on the right side of the law, becoming a law enforcer dealing with all the crime happening in and around Miami, which has a ton of problems you are set to resolve!

Be the best Police Man in Miami!

Explore the city, and find the green lights to take on missions, with the first one being to get to your police station to get geared up, as you start out in your civilian clothes, and with no shoes even. Put on your uniform, take weapons from the inventory, take the keys to your car, and then go out in the city on missions.

Deal with gangsters, mafia bosses, robberies, and even corrupt officials. You will have to search for clues, solve cases, and even take part in all sorts of fights, shootouts, and even car chases, always with one simple goal: catch and stop the bad guys!

Move with WASD, hold shift to run, space to jump, and the mouse to attack. On-screen touch controls appear for phone and tablet users.

Good luck, we're wishing you the very best, as you deserve, and invite you to stick around for more daily games!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift, the mouse.

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