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Exit 8

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Exit 8
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Exit 8 has now been added to our website since our team knows full well that our visitors are always seeking more amazing horror games online, games with escape, adventure, logic, and scary elements all into one, which this one provides and more, all in a 3D maze we're hoping you are brave enough to enter and smart enough to get out of!

Face the horrors of Exit 8 and escape the maze!

A subway system in the underground is where you get trapped, which seems to be never-ending, with tons of turns and twists that take you nowhere, but some do, as you have to navigate them to figure out the right path towards Exit 8, the door that will lead you outside, and to safety.

Some people you encounter there can seem normal, and are, like salarymen, but some are blacked out in shadows, hiding behind doors, or they might even take an unnatural shape and look that resembles the subway system itself.

There are horrific demons and creatures that haunt the place, and you need to avoid them, run away from them, and even hide if possible, using the nooks and crannies of this system.

To move you use WASD, and to run you hold shift while doing so. Look around with the mouse, something you do in a first-person view in this game.

If you're walking by normal people, consider yourselves safe, but run away when you get in places that do not seem regular at all, and make sure that you don't get trapped and walk in circles. This can happen, as time and space are wobbly in this universe, and it is so only to get you stuck inside the subway.

Be vigilant and don't let that happen, but follow the clues to reach the exit and attain freedom!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, shift, and the mouse.

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