Prison Break: Architect Tycoon

Prison Break: Architect Tycoon

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Prison Break: Architect Tycoon
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Prison Break: Architect Tycoon Overview


Prison Break: Architect Tycoon is the latest hypercasual management game of our website, where your business is a bit different since you're hired as a prison guard who is in charge of designing the best jail ever, where you will deal with a flow of constant prisoners trying to get out, which you must stop, and then learn how to prevent, maybe achieving the biggest levels of defense if you are smart enough!

Stop the Prison Break as the best Architect Tycoon!

Move around with the mouse or touch controls directly on the screen, so that you go to the battle arena, where your first inmate will try escaping. As they get out of their cell, go near them to start shooting until you deplete them of their health bar, earning money, and then putting them back into the cell, which earns you even more cash.

With it, do upgrades to the doors, and then take in some new inmates, which you also imprison, now using the upgraded defenses you already have. When they try escaping again, do the same, to earn more money, and then add even more defense systems, so that it is impossible. Of course, the inmates also get bigger and stronger.

This also means you should upgrade your avatar with more skills, to be able to carry more prisoners, more weapons to shoot easier, and increase the stats, so that you can do a better job. Put cameras in place, and add new security guards that work automatically (idle), or just upgrade the cells.

You work in shifts of days, and you do that for ten days at one prison facility, after which you get promoted to a job at a new one, which is of a higher security risk, so you need to become a better chief of police too.

It's not an easy job at all, but a rewarding one, and really fun, so begin right now, only here, and then hopefully you stick around for other similar simulator experiences as only we can provide!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Upgrade the jail cells, security cameras, and hire new prison guards for extra defenses.
  • Survive each day of work against all the nasty prisoners trying to break free!
  • Develop your guard skin to the fullest to be able to defeat all the inmates!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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