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Books Tower

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Books Tower
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Books Tower Overview


Books Tower is yet another must-play stacking game online, which are timeless and classic skill game online, of which we always want to share more with the visitors of our website since we know first-hand that they love them, and this one is also a game that encourages you to pick up some books in real life as well, as reading is very important for our development!

Build the biggest Books Tower online!

Books of different colors, but, more importantly, shapes and sizes, will be moving left and right at the top, and when you click (on computers) or tap (on mobile devices), they will be dropped to the floor, where you need to stack them on the book that is below.

Try to get the timing right as well as possible, so that they form a tower that is straight. If the tower is not stable, and one book falls, or even worse, more of them, you lose. Instead, for each new book that you stack successfully, you are going to get a point, so the bigger the tower you make, the bigger your score becomes.

Of course, we hope to see you beat your previous high scores one after another, to show you're getting better, and don't hesitate to share the score with other players in the comments section. Let's start now, so you have time to become the biggest books tower builder!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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