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Skeeball Overview


Skeeball is a new kind of sports game online, a skill game similar to bowling, but quite different in presentation, and with easy gameplay we are sure will attract many players on our website who want to challenge themselves with something fresh, and unique. You've never played anything like it before, so allow us to teach you how to do it!

Let's play Skeeball online for free!

You will be given ten balls, and they can look like soccer balls, golf balls, basketballs, even eyes, and others. The goal is to hit them up into the area at the end, which is separated into multiple circles, circles that each have a hole inside of them. The one closest to you gives you ten points, but the more you get to the middle, the more points you get.

When you shoot the balls there, they have to drop into one of the circles, and then move around until they enter a hole, so try aiming for the circles that are worth more, so that when you are done shooting all the balls, you get a big high score. See, just like bowling!

You use the right and left arrow keys to set the position you want to shoot from, and then press space on the arrow meter when to decide the power, and once again to get the angle and curvature. When you're not satisfied with your score, you can always start again and do better each time! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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