Stickman Leave Prison

Stickman Leave Prison

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Stickman Leave Prison
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Stickman Leave Prison Overview


The Stickman wants to Leave the Prison! There are two of them, actually, one orange, one blue. Play this running and jumping game, assume control of both, and finish all the platform-adventure courses. At the end of them awaits freedom! We've had a go at this escape game, so we can now show you how to do it too! Pay attention!

Help the Stickman Leave Prison online!

Reach the two doors at the end of each level. One for Blue, one for Orange. Having two doors also means needing two keys. Without the keys, you cannot open them up. Grab the two keys on the course, and if you did not, go back, or else you cannot advance!

Controls: use the WASD keys to move and jump with the stickman. Jump over crates, and avoid falling into pits, or in the spikes. If it happens, and you die, you need to restart, no matter which of the stickmen you did it with. To change between one and the other, press C.

Evade guards, escape the prison!

Use platforms that move up and down or left and right to get over the pits. Watch out for the cops! If you see police officers, wait for their flashlight to close. Only after that, advance by jumping past their station.

If you want to get new skins for your two characters, make sure to collect dollar bills from the courses. The more of them, the better. There are fifteen levels, each one with a different and more difficult course.

Complete all to make the prison escape a reality, not just a dream!

How to play?

Use WASD and C.

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