Strikeforce Kitty League

Strikeforce Kitty League

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Strikeforce Kitty League
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Strikeforce Kitty League Overview


Be a part of the Strikeforce Kitty League, playing an amazing new strategy, war, and action game, but even better, since it has CATS! Sorry to tell you, but your first fight, versus the raccoons, will be a loss. Yes, you start off slow, losing the first fight in the league, but that's because this game is about growing and developing. With motivation, and bravery, you will end the game at the top of the league, just like we did, so let us give you some useful information!

Can you win the Strikeforce Kitty League?

Training will be done out in the open. You've got running bands, as well as weights to pull. Drag the kittens over to the gym machines, and have them train with them. When they've expanded a quarter of their energy, they sit down to eat. You need training to grow big, but food is also important since you need to take those calories from somewhere.

Repeat this process day after day, and after gaining experience points at the end of the day, use them to upgrade their stats:

  • the speed
  • the health
  • the power

We recommend equally distributing these to the cats so that you have a balanced team. You can also make one cat really strong, another really fast, or one that will be hard to beat up.

Help the cats win the fights!

The fights are done mostly automatically, based on the abilities of your team, and the rivals. But, if you equip cats with abilities, they can use them when you click on them. You then need to wait for the ability to load back up to use it again. They can deal heavy blows, shoot fire, run really fast, and others. It's your choice what you give them the power to do!

Defeat the four members of the opposing team to win. If your cats get retired instead, you lose. Between fights, if you want to change how your team looks, go into the shop to buy new clothes for them. Make them look menacing, it might help the morale of the team, and scare the others!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Train as much as possible to stand a chance when you fight.
  • Try all the training machines in the gym.
  • Don't forget to rest on the beds to gain energy.

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