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Game Shakers Scubaroo

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Game Shakers Scubaroo
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Game Shakers Scubaroo Overview


Scubaroo is an adventure game, and a diving game, made by the Game Shakers team! Yes, a game that was shown in a television show can now be played by you directly! That is the awesome thing about Game Shakers games! Surely you want to start your adventure, so let's explain it right now, so you can!

Play Scubaroo from Game Shakers, online and free!

You become a scuba-diving kangaroo in this game. As he jumps on the deck, press space when the meter is as high as possible. The higher it is, the deeper you dive. After diving, you will meet enemies, mucus monsters that are infesting the water with their goo.

Well, you and Scubaroo will deal with them! As you swim near them, click to attack them with your harpoon. You get points in return. Keep diving, and through your swim, shoot down as many goo monsters as possible for points. Use them to acquire upgrades for your next dive:

  • Trash Grabber - increases the range of the harpoon
  • Bionic Legs - you swim faster, and your dive meter goes slower
  • Tail Motors - they make your ascent slower, giving you more time to get points
  • Flippers - destroy monsters faster
  • Trash Pet - you can collect more trash, take down more monsters

Dive, clean up the ocean, and have an unforgettable swimming adventure!

How to play?

Use the spacebar, arrows, mouse.

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