Catch the Coin

14.03.2020 22.583 376 votes

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What is Catch the Coin?

Catch the Coin have a new amazing 2 player game where you will have to work with tow different robots and in this way we have to get all the coins from this game. As you probably know, you and you're brother, sister, friend or parent will have to be one robot, then the second personage will can use the second robot from the game; the robots are placed in the right and the left corner of the game, colored in red and green. The action from the game is so simple, all that you will have to do is to catch as fast as you can the coin because any coin will help you collect in final 5 coin that will open the green or the red door of you're robot. The game is very simple and in the same way you will have to work very hard to collect all these coins in this game with you're robot, then take care about all these machines and obstacles, traps that will kill you if you are not a good gamer.

How to play?

use the arrows and these keys: W,A,S,D to control both robots.

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