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What are Power Rangers Games?

Play Power Rangers Games online for free on our website right now, for two reasons: we have the best of them, first and foremost, and, secondly, we know that you want to take part in one of the best superhero teams in the world of fiction, and we can confidently say that about them, as these warriors have now been around in one way or another for many years, and they will stick around more to come, with this category only growing bigger and better in the process!

While most of the shows and movies in this franchise you have seen were in English, Japan is actually the origin of these characters, since Power Rangers is actually an English-language remake of Super Sentai, which is a live-action show aimed at morning programming for kids, which is the same for the international productions. It was the show that popularized the Fox Kids block airing in the mornings on the network, and since then, the rest is history.

Of course, you would want to know more about this history, the characters, their rich backgrounds, and their powers, which is why we will now go into more details, so that playing the games on this page comes easier for you even if you’re totally new to the franchise, which we would doubt!

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A team consisting of youths with various backgrounds, origins, and personalities are being recruited by an older mentor who teaches them how to Morph into Power-Rangers, which means that not only do they put on interesting suits and weapons on them, but also, in some series, get magical powers. One of their main abilities is to pilot Zords, which are assault machines that together combine to form a really big robot called Megazord. Their weapons are also unique and iconic.

Because their suit designs are mostly the same, with spandex and helmets with visors, one of the ways meant to distinguish between one another is their color, with the rangers sometimes being named after that:

Red and Blue are present in all the series, with the other colors, powers, and suits being different from one series to another, so it makes sense for that story. Still, one of the main throughlines is that the Red Ranger is usually not only the leader, but the most powerful, and the one tasked with the biggest tasks and challenges to get past. His friends will always band together and as a team, they will defeat any big bad.

Zordon is the original magician that has recruited the children with special personalities and powers to help him save the universe, and one of the biggest villains in the series is Rita Repulsa, an evil witch bent on ruling over the universe.

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Most of the shows in this franchise air on Nickelodeon, which is why many of the games are made by them, and you can find them battling and interacting with other characters on the network, such as the Ninja Turtles. The newest iteration in the franchise is called PR Dino Fury.

Other notable series in the universe which you will be able to enter are:

While the 2017 movie had not been a big box-office hit, it seems that yet another live-action movie has been planned for theaters, a reboot of the series, which we, as fans, are eager for, but until then, you should stick around here and discover new games with Power Rangers to play for free, directly from your computer or mobile device!

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