Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Fancy Pants Adventure 2

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Fancy Pants Adventure 2
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Fancy Pants Adventure 2 Overview


Come play Fancy Pants Adventure 2 online, a platform-adventure game where you run and jump, avoid dangers, get goodies, and improve your skills. In case you're not familiar with the series, Fancy Pants is the name of the main character, a stickman. Why's he called like that? He has some really fancy pants that move around, and quite the cool haircut. It's a blast to explore his stick world, which we will now teach you how to do!

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Use the Right and Left arrows to move in the two directions, and with Up you climb. Go down with the Down arrow, obviously! Now, when you want to jump, as you are running, press S.

In the first stage, take the ball throw it up in the sky, and push it all the way to the platform at the end of the level, past the flag, so that the mayor can give you an ice cream cone as a reward, and you can then continue the adventure!

Go down the rabbit hole, literally, because he stole your prize, and the plotline to this new game is that you have to chase him in the deep to get it back!

Explore the underground!

Go down the underground tunnels, jumping from platform to platform, and reaching the checkpoints until you find the villain. Along the way, there are dangers such as ants, snails, and other creatures. Of course, think about spikes, holes, and other traps. If you lose the entirety of the health bar, the game is also lost.

You can defeat the ants by stomping on top of their heads, like other classic games in the genre! One enemy will be a rat that shoots at you. Jump on its head, and it's done, we promise! There are more mini-bosses along the way until you reach the bad bad rabbit!

Collection is always an element of platform games. Collect as many swirlies as you can, which are your coins for this game, so that you can get a big score. Can you beat ours?

How to play?

Use the arrows for movements, S to jump.

Tips & Tricks

  • See those springboards? They help you jump really high, so use them, since there are more platforms there. You can collect more points from them.
  • Do wall jumps by jumping from one wall to another to keep getting up.
  • Reach the doors, and enter them by pressing up. They lead to the next levels.

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