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Electric Man 2

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Electric Man 2
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Electric Man 2 Overview


Electric Man 2 brings back the Tournament of Voltagen you first entered and won in Electric Man, the first edition of one of the most popular series of stickman fighting games online!

If you've become the champion in the first game, well, you still have to start again from scratch, from ground zero, to protect that title against a new series of ready-to-battle combatants! They might be stick figures, but they're not weak, trust us!

Fight with stickmen in Electric Man 2 online!

In most other stickman fighting games, you would fight one stick figure, and then maybe another one would come, but in this one, your first round is against a whole team, the Replicants.

Well, if you want to train first, you can do it against a hologram, which is your actual foe, but if you've played the first game, maybe you can skip this stage.

The various foes you encounter all have not just specific designs but special powers, like ice powers, or maybe the opponent who uses gas attacks against you, which is why he's wearing a gas mask.

Live, fight, and die as an electric stickman!

You will use the ARROW keys to move, jump, and press the down key to dodge. With A you punch (Q for slow motion), with S you kick (W for slow motion), and with D you grab (E for slow motion). The slow-motion mode of attacks is only achieved when you've got enough power to do so!

How do you win the Electric Man 2 fights?

It would be best to defeat the enemies that appeared before you in the arena, combining attack moves with them until you depleted them of their health bar. You're an electric man because you are powered up by electricity, which is the bar you use for attacks, so keep the electricity measure in mind so as not to run out and be left without attack moves.

Your health bar must not be depleted, as that's how we've lost. One lesson we've learned from that is that attacking is essential, but we must not forget to block or avoid enemy attacks on us, because if that health bar is taken down to zero, it's game over!

Become a stick champion once again, the ultimate fighter!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS for movement, A, S, D for attacks, the Q, W, E keys for slow-motion attacks.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to trigger supernatural attacks and use them to defeat your enemies!
  • Charge up your battery for special attacks!

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