Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock Scramble

Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock Scramble

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Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock Scramble
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Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock Scramble Overview


Help Mickey Mouse solve the Alarm Clock Scramble! Goofy is in charge of waking up the citizens of Disney Toonland! He delivers alarm clocks every morning at 5 AM. This time, there are potholes and bumps in the road, and the clocks are falling out. Let's save the day, right from the morning! We will collect them back, and help everyone wake up! They've got jobs and lives to attend to!

Solve the Alarm Clock Scramble with Mickey Mouse!

To move Mickey you press the ARROWS: Left, Right. To jump, press the Up key. When you want to turn off an alarm clock, press Down. Pluto's a dog and he barks. We don't want him waking up everyone too early, so watch out for him, and stop him! Your lives are represented by Mickey hats. Pick up new ones for extra chances!

Jump-start your day!

After you see where the clocks are, and where Goofy is, the hard part starts. Run and jump on trash cans, ledges, terraces, and houses. Find the route that can take you from one clock to another. Grab those clocks before they start their alarm. If even one starts ringing, you've lost a chance. Lose three chances, and you're done, remember?

Make it a good morning, not an early one!

Avoid hitting Pluto at any time. His bark will be heard all through town. For each new level, the locations are a bit more complicated. The more you go into town, the more clocks there are to pick up. Are you fast enough? Play and find out!

How to play?

Use the arrows to move and jump.

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