Tiger Run

Tiger Run

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Tiger Run
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Tiger Run Overview


There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a baby tiger escape from the clutches of a zoo handler. The baby tiger has enjoyed its first taste of freedom and wants to get as far away as possible. However, the tiger needs the quick reaction time of the player to get over hurdles, vehicles, and other roadblocks. Are you up for the task of helping this tiger?

Collect Stars

The main goal of Tiger Run is to collect as many stars as you can. This can be tricky as some stars can start right before a roadblock or end right in front of a bus. It’s easy to miss a couple of stars because of not wanting to hit an obstacle.

The different obstacles you’ll run into are:

●    Roadblocks
●    Trucks/Buses
●    Taxis
●    Cars

For cars and taxis, those are easy to jump over with the up arrow. For trucks, you’ll only want to attempt going over them if there is a ramp up the back. For roadblocks, you can slide under them with the down arrow.

Tips for playing the Tiger Run game

●    More stars are better than no stars. While some stars might end right up against a bus or other obstacle, if you feel you’re not confident enough to hit it, just move on. Getting more stars, in the long run, is better than ending the game early and losing all the stars you collected.
●    Power-Ups are your friend. Collecting power-ups, like the magnet, will help you gather all the stars on your screen. If you see a power-up on your screen, try to prioritize getting those first.
●    Always look ahead! If you don’t look ahead to plan your next moves, then you might find yourself flat against a bus window. Don’t slide under a roadblock if you see a car coming almost immediately afterward. If your reaction time isn’t that great, then you may lose all of your progress.

Run tiger run!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE or ARROW keys to play.

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