Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2
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Temple Run 2 Overview


Are you brave enough to take the golden idol? Well, there is now a giant monster chasing you, you must run from it! You must run on the path to get away from it. There are many obstacles on the path, you must jump, duck, or move left and right to avoid the obstacles that are in your way. There are many obstacles that you may encounter, the rope which you must slide on to not fall into the abyss, the many rocks and tiles you have to jump over to not get caught by the monster, the spinning spikes and fire you must jump over or duck under them. You also have to turn onto another path to not fall off or hit the wall, trees.

Some obstacles knock you entirely out while others only slow you down which makes you more vulnerable to the monster, and if you are slowed down twice, you are going to get caught by the monster. There are also coins found on the path, you will sometimes have to move left or right to collect them. Collecting coins will fill your ability meter, after it's filled you can activate your ability, the default ability is boost which allows you to skip a little bit ahead without worrying about the obstacles. Coins are also useful for upgrading the many different abilities you may find on your path such as the magnet which attracts coins to your location, the shield which protects you from obstacles, but not from failing to turn to another path, lastly, there is the boost which skips ahead a bit and protects from everything.

There are challenges that you can complete for coins, each day you will get a new challenge and completing it will give you increasingly more coins, it lasts a 5 day period and on the last day, you get to open a big chest that can give you a lot of coins. Each challenge will get harder as you progress through them. Aside from the regular path, there are many more paths you may encounter, there is the river which has similarities to the normal one except you are in water and there are rocks and other types of obstacles, there is the mineshaft where you are in a minecart and there are also different types of obstacles you need to pass by swinging left or right with your cart. There is another path you can run on which has falling stones that break the path ahead of you which you will have to jump over.

Are you ready to steal the idol? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use WASD or arrow keys for movement, on mobile swipe for movement.

Game Walkthrough

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