Dream Chefs

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What is Dream Chefs?

Dream Chefs
You are a cook and you must serve your customer's food! First, you'll need kitchen furniture. The game lets you choose from 3 types of furniture designs, after you've chosen one you are ready to cook! You start off with 2 pans to cook steak on. Your customers will arrive in front of you and tell you their order. You place the steak on the pan and start cooking it, once the timer finished it will be fully cooked. You have to be careful after cooking the steak not to leave it on the frying pan for too long, otherwise, it'll burn.

Customers may also ask for drinks! At first, you'll only have 1 glass of wine to serve. Once you've served it, you'll have to wait until it gets refilled. Customers may ask for any variety of food, either steak with nothing else, steak with wine, or steak with other ingredients next to it. The first ingredient you'll unlock is the broccoli, then the lemons. You only have a limited time until the customer gets angry and leaves, so you must serve them in the given time period. If the customer asked for multiple food items, once you serve them 1, their patience meter will get refilled to the max.

Once you've completed a level, you will get diamonds, hammers, and lives. The hammers can be used for upgrades to your restaurant. For example, you can upgrade the flooring to make it more stylish, the walls can also be upgraded. You can also add another counter to your restaurant. These are only decorative changes. There are 3 total chapters to this game, the goal is to complete all of them. Are you ready to be a chef? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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