Knock'em all

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What is Knock'em all?

Knock'em all
You are in a 3D world with a gun and you need to protect yourself from the evil mannequins. Your gun has the ability to shoot green balls very fast and you need to use it to knock the mannequins off the map. There are several stages on the map you need to overcome to finish the level.

You start on the first stage on the level. The stages are round green pillars with mannequins and other objects on them. You need to shoot the mannequins with your gun until they fall off the map because of the knockback.

On the level, you may encounter wooden crates that you can also shoot down and make them fall off the map. If the stage is large enough, it will start autoscrolling once the mannequins are pushed back. If the mannequins reach you, you will be forced to restart the level.

Have fun playing Knock'em all!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch.

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